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Some cutter bodies are stocked as blanks and may need modification before shipping. Please allow extra processing time.


  • Catalog Page 11
  • Indexable corner rounding with screw-on inserts
  • Positive rake
  • Precision ground inserts
  • Flared inserts to avoid steps in workpiece
  • Two indexes per insert up R.160
  • Coolant through
  • Cutter bodies and inserts made in the USA



Orders placed by 2 PM ET (Monday-Friday) often ship same day




  • Screws are included
  • Inserts are sold separately
  • Special sizes can be quoted

CAV 010-050 · Corner Rounding End Mill



    Catalog Page 11


    Part Radius Insert
    CAV-010 0.015 CV12015
    CAV-020 0.030 CV12030
    CAV-030 0.060 CV12060
    CAV-040 0.090 CV12090
    CAV-050 0.120 CV12120



    Diameter  0.625
    Shank Size (S) 0.625 Weldon
    Overall Length (L) 3.38
    Head Length (H) 1.00
    Flutes 1

    Inserts Required 1
    Indexes Per Insert 2
    Insert Screw M40T6S22
    Wrench T15
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