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  • Catalog Page 15
  • Disc type cutters for flat bottom slotting, shouldering, and back facing
  • Positive geometry & staggered tooth design improves shearing action and decreases vibration
  • Wiper flats create fine surface finishes
  • Simple wedge-lock design
  • Cutter bodies & inserts made in the USA



Orders placed by 2 PM ET (Monday-Friday) often ship same day




  • Screws & wedges are included
  • Inserts are sold separately
  • Special sizes can be quoted
  • Changing inserts to opposite hand stations before excessive wear occurs, insert life can improve by 50-100%

DASC-250 · 6" X 3/4" Arbor Type Staggered Tooth



    Catalog Page 15


    Diameter (D) 6.000
    Cut Width (W) 0.750
    Arbor Size (A) 1.250
    Hub Size (E) 1.88
    Max. Radial Depth (ae) 2.03
    Effective Stations 7



    Insert Style 1500-XXX
    Inserts Required 14
    Indexes Per Insert 1 (see notes)
    Wedge  6W200
    Wedge Screw 6DS343
    Wrench 1/16 Hex


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